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Made in China Scare

We have made a promise here at Muddy Paws to provide you and your pets with healthy, holistic food and treat options. We are continually updating our products, trying to find the best foods and the tastiest treats while remaining true to our commitment of caring for your pet.

Most recently, the FDA has issued multiple warnings concerning jerky pet treats that have been made in China. Hundreds of pet deaths and thousands of pet illnesses have been traced back to these made in China treats, but the FDA is still befuddled as to what exactly is causing the illnesses. Since the FDA has not pinpointed the cause or source of the problem, they cannot legally issue a recall for these particular treats.

As a result, Muddy Paws has removed specifically any jerky treats that have been made in China from our shelves. Please don't hesitate to ask any of us about jerky treats that are made in America if you're looking to replace treats you have fed your pet in the past. And remember, when browsing for a good treat for your pet, always be sure to check the labels.

For further information about the FDA warnings, treat recalls and other pet products made in China, please visit Dog Food Advisor (also, this article) or Global Animal.

Some of the Made in America brands you will see here at Muddy Paws include Zukes, Blue Buffalo, and Ark Naturals among others.

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